My child is struggling in school, what should I do?

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Parent-teacher conference gone WRONG!!!

Uh oh... things just got real 

When mom scheduled a conference to figure things out, the teacher said that Bobby does not apply himself and his allegations are exaggerated.

Mom took action IMMEDIATELY. She didn't feel supported by the school, so she searched for a tutor.

Mom stumbled upon our Instagram page (@humbletutoring) and fell in love with the Black excellence displayed on our page. During the consultation, we felt her frustration through the phone. We KNEW that our framework would support Bobby and help him become a confident scholar. 

In a meeting with Ms. Kya, Bobby expressed that he doesn't like participating in class because he reads slower than his classmates and needs more time to process the information. He was embarrassed to make mistakes in class because he did not want to feel singled out. Bobby's confidence was SHOT.

After three months of working with Ms. Kya, he overcame his fear of reading aloud in class! Bobby logged into EVERY meeting, took notes, and asked questions to connect the dots. He often said, "thank you for breaking that down to help me understand." 

At HUMBLE, we pour into our scholars and empower them to be their best selves. Every scholar enrolled in our programs achieves their goals because we strategically help them strengthen their confidence. We make the "impossible" possible.

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