Black Boy Joy in Education

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Do you realize there are not many BLACK male educators? The men were usually gym coaches or administrators. Imagine what it felt like to have a teacher/tutor that looked like YOU. Your son/godson/nephew/brother would be thrilled if their teacher/tutor were Black, just like them!

It’s easy to get caught up in the news articles about what Black men aren’t doing, but let’s highlight the WORK that is done behind the scenes‼️

Studies show that black male teachers typically spend 5.4 hours outside of regular class time mentoring or counseling students. (Source: @donorschoose)

Our young boys need more positive figures in their lives. Our male students love working with Deon & value him as a role model. They relate to him on many topics: sports, movies, shoes, etc. Deon does a fantastic job and serves as more than just a tutor! For our male scholars, he is their tutor, mentor, role model, etc. 

Deon helps our scholars close their math learning gaps by creating examples that include relatable topics. One day, Deon helped a scholar understand how to solve multi-step equations by turning the numbers into basketball players; the goal was to get by all of the players (combine like terms) and score (solve the problem). The scholar struggled at first but mastered the concept once Deon brought basketball into it! 

Black men have superpowers that are often overlooked, especially when they are educators! We must uplift our Black men because our Black boys are yearning for role models- looking for any positive influence they can find. 

If you know a Black boy who needs a Black male educator to help close their learning gaps, visit our website to learn more about our services! 

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