Is homework help effective?

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We have a confession: Offering homework help is doing your child a disservice. 

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Let's break this down. If your child needs help with homework, we can think about two things 1. they missed something in class, or 2. they have not mastered the skills needed to be an independent learner. 

You can tell your kid to "pay attention in class" until you are blue in the face, but the reality is that... things happen. Sometimes kids zone out when they don't understand, which is completely normal. Teachers assign homework to check for understanding to get a feel for who needs more support. 

If we're being honest, there is not enough time in a 1-hour tutoring session to adequately help a student understand, practice, and answer homework questions. There's no gray area if the student does not understand the concept; they just don't understand it. 

To avoid having the same issues over and over, we must tackle the root of the problem: foundational skills! Many students continuously fall behind because the foundational skills have not been mastered. 

A shocking/not so shocking discovery: MANY students go without proper support because parents don't want their children "labeled." We will dive deeper into that another day, but it hinders your child more than it helps them. 

Our bundled services allow students to receive support across subjects AND better understand their homework assignments. Most times, our lesson plans directly align with their school's curriculum [or we plan ahead].

In conclusion: homework help is a surface-level service that will eventually lead to a need for more support, which is why HUMBLE does NOT offer homework help as an individual service. 

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