5 Summer Activities to Keep your Child Occupied

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“Mommmmmm, I’m thirsty” Are you tired of hearing this already? 

It never gets old. When school is out for any break, especially summer break,  you will always hear, “mommmm, I’m thirsty. I’m bored. I’m hungry… AGAIN.” After having your kids in school for 8 hours a day for 10 months, you may not know how to occupy idle time. As we’ve told you before, the summertime is the BEST time for your child to enhance their skills (academic and life skills). 

Here are FIVE simple activities your child can do (and if you have time, join in with them):

  1. Since they want to eat up all of your food, have them write out a grocery list lol (with prices included) to show them how much you spend on necessities. Writing out the grocery list will enhance their penmanship, spelling, organizational skills, and number sense (when adding everything up) 
  2. Join the local library’s FREE Summer Reading Program 
  3. Create a flipbook. This video shows you how to create a flipbook about verbs, but you can choose ANY topic. Get creative with it! 
  4. Have fun coloring a massive poster! Researchers found that after coloring for 20 minutes participants reported being more contented, more energetic and calmer than after reading. Link to source
  5. Play outside! Children are glued to their tablets/phones/tv and miss out on outdoor fun. When we were little, you COULDN’T pay us to sit in the house all day. We either had to be in or out because having the screen door swing open repeatedly was a big no lol. At least 60 minutes of play a day will help your child stay away from boredom. 

Which activities do you plan on using?

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