How Summer Tutoring Impacts Student Performance: A Case Study

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Math tutoring | Photo credits: @spiffyshotthis on Instagram
Photo credits: @spiffyshotthis on Instagram

Black and brown kids walk around with targets on their backs as society is waiting to see what type of statistic they will become.

Your child is at risk of becoming a statistic each summer because they are not learning anything, but this does not have to be your family’s reality. In this case study, you will learn about the importance of summer tutoring and how your child will go from an average [or below average] student to a competitive student in just TWO months.


Did you know that students lose 20% of reading knowledge and 27% of their math skills [on average] during summer break unless they are involved in academic programs? The learning loss is called the "Summer Slump".

very shocked by the 20% and 27% learning loss

If your kid is already behind, we have a BIG PROBLEM that needs to be solved ASAP. We know that you want to give your child a "break", BUT the summer is the best time to catch up or get ahead of the game.


There is a clear correlation between summer tutoring and their success once school starts in August. Your student worked hard this school year, but there is always room for improvement. Your child can still have fun this summer... right after they log out of tutoring! Without proper support over the summer, scholars fall right into that Summer Slump. 

CASE STUDY: Based on a true story

STUDENT A: John, 7th grade male

STUDENT B: Amari, 7th grade male

By the end of April, John mastered over 5 skills in ELA AND Math

In April, Amari mastered over 3 skills in ELA AND Math

Mom decided to keep him in the HUMBLE family during the summer for enrichment.

Mom decided to terminate their contract at the end of May to give him a break

John was on Principal's list for the first time in 4 years once progress reports came in September

Amari rejoined the HUMBLE family in September due to regression. Mom was not happy with his first progress report.



Summer tutoring WORKS! John was so advanced once school started that everything was "review" for him until mid-October. Although his mom decreased how often he logged into tutoring, she knew that eliminating tutoring from his summer plans was a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand, Amari fell into the "Summer Slump" because his mom terminated their contract at the end of the school year. She thought that getting him “on grade level” during the year was enough, but she soon realized that Amari needed support during the summer to get him ahead of his class. Ultimately, both parents understand the value of tutoring and created a support system to ensure that their boys reach their maximum potential during the year. 


Our case study shows how a student can become a competitive scholar JUST by being enrolled in a tutoring program over the summer. Being proactive is essential because regression looks different for every scholar. Kids are bullied every day because they are not “smart”, which impacts the child’s confidence and attitude toward education.

Tutoring is worth the investment because you want what is best for your child in every category of life. Their education is the ticket to freedom. Learning how to read fluently, write coherently, and solve tedious math equations enhances their chance of becoming the world’s next doctor, computer scientist, lawyer, business executive/program manager, or entrepreneur. Invest in a tutor now, whether your child is “behind” or not, and you will appreciate the investment once your child becomes the next best _________. 

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