How to Help Your Child Survive in 6th Grade

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The 2023-2024 school year is around the corner and the baby you birthed 11ish years ago is about to enter a new chapter. We all know that middle school is a different beast. There are so many changes that occur between 11 and 13 that can be overwhelming for your child. 

To have a smooth transition, it’s best to encourage your child to embrace change. Children often travel with the same group of kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade, so they get comfortable because 1. they know everyone and 2. the environment becomes a safe zone. Middle school shakes things up because everyone is coming from different places and forces everyone to adapt to a new environment- all while experiencing physical and emotional changes. 

General ways to survive 6th grade:

  • Attend open house to meet new people in advance
  • Create an affirmation/vision board to allow your child to dream about what’s to come
  • Stay connected with the teachers and involved with school activities/committees
  • Practice independence (setting their own alarms, learning how to wash clothes/style their hair, creating routines, etc)
  • Increase one-on-one time (i.e. take your child on dates more often to enhance your relationship with them as they are growing up)

The other side of surviving 6th grade involves academic performance. We want you AND your child to walk into this school year with optimism. 

6th grade will not be as academically intimidating if your child:

  • engages in activities to build their critical thinking skills
  • is intentional about their note-taking skills (learning styles play a huge factor in this)
  • READS and converses with others to enhance their vocabulary

Please understand that the transition will take time before your child is fully adjusted. Be open to answering questions and supporting their curiosity. Take it one day at a time!

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